How to set up a semi-automatic sharing system that builds relationships and drives traffic

This is genius!

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As someone who runs growth at a company that is getting >25% of our business from content marketing, when I found out about I got pretty damn excited.

I’d say something hyperbolic like “I practically did a backflip,” but in reality I just switched my desk from sitting mode to standing mode and started to dig into the software to figure out what I could do with it.

Not very exciting, I know – but that’s just how I work.

One of the biggest issues people face online is anonymity – no one cares who you are. The process of building relationships in your industry online is tedious and takes time, but it’s absolutely necessary.

This strategy isn’t designed to disrespect the work required to really gain a foothold in your industry. It’s just something that I came up with to make building relationships with other…

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I love this.


I hope that’s the first thing you think of when you read anything that I write—SERIOUSLY. The second thing I need you to do is lower your expectations, a lot, that would help I think. I’m not entirely sure what to tell someone to help them understand why I say things the way I do, or more SPECIFICALLY why they should care. I guess that doesn’t matter to me. I’m just going to be as honest as I can be. ME to you, honest. I promise.

My name isn’t just Mia, but Standardmia. Yes- you got it, standard + Mia. It’s not calculus or maybe it is, I never took that sh*t in school. My name is VERY important on this platform because it is completely relevant to what I write about. And as far as my English in school taught me- that means that GUYS we have a theme!

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The Black Hole of Content

A stellar-mass black hole in orbit with a companion star located about 6,000 light years from Earth.

It’s about time I started a personal blog. Geez. It’s been on my to-do list forever.

Well, here goes nothing!

I don’t know if anyone is like me in this regard, but I can’t be the only one out there. I’m very easily obsessed.

Don’t get me wrong, I have my goals and ambitions at the forefront of my mind, and I don’t easily lose focus. However, in my leisure time I watch a YouTube videos from time to time to learn about random stuff. I watch anything from woodworking to fantasy/comic book lore, to firearms, to blacksmithing, and more random subjects not worth mentioning (no not cat videos…okay I watch those too). After I watch a video, I find myself watching every video the channel has and researching and obsessing over the subject for months. I get sucked into a black content hole. For example, I watched the trailer for the new Star Wars movie “The Force Awakens” then saw a video in the sidebar of someone explaining the history of some Jedi. …2 months later I had watched all 6 of the Star Wars movies and had ingested more information about George Lucas’ universe than any human should from books, blogs, and YouTube. I know what the lightsaber colors represent, no joke.

Being easily obsessed seems to be such a hazard because of the amazing access humans now have to information. The delivery of addictive content is flawless. No one watches just one episode on Netflix. People watch 2-6 episodes of the same TV show in one sitting according to Netflix. I think the trick to making use of an obsessive personality is to search for content that provides value as well as feeds you content hunger.

My Star Wars binge did not give me anything of actionable value (aside from annoying my girlfriend with Yoda quotes or the occasional geek out conversation at the pub).  Scrolling down your Facebook feed or Pinterest for hours falls under the same umbrella.  While I think there is value in entertainment for entertainment’s sake I think that it should be rationed, so you can unleash your obsession over something that gives back.

I recently have begun to binge on Tim Ferriss’ Podcasts, books and now his new content “The Tim Ferriss Experiment“. Tim’s content is all about deconstructing top performers and their excellence so that one can replicate their habits and practices. This particular flavor of content sent me down an obsessive self-improvement and the motivational rabbit hole. It also make for great pub conversations and annoying the girlfriend, I might add. Tim’s content and the subsequent obsession has made a noticeable impact on my day to day happiness, creativity, and drive.

I think the mind is less like a muscle and more like a stomach. As the saying goes, ‘You are what you eat’. Feed your brain what you want to become, and mix in entertainment that pushes you towards your goals. There’s a fine balance between entertainment and value. I implore the reader to seek out this balance.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’m not going to stop being a nerd.  I still think fiction books or reading for pleasure is very valuable. I’m just going to be sure to obsess over content that improves or teaches me in some way or another. Your brain does need to rest from time to time, just not as much as you think! I’ll save Star Wars for Cheat day 😉

May the Force be with you.